Pixel Frenz

Pushing the limits of generative art

Pixel Frenz is a fully on-chain experimental art project on the Cardano blockchain.

Mars Birds
Mars Birds

Hello, I am Gábor, and I like creating digital art.
I found crypto in 2020 and started my NFT journey in September 2021 by minting ADA Punkz on Cardano.
Since then I have been down the rabbit hole and expanded my collection to over 1000 non-fungible tokens.
Pixel Frenz is a tribute project to all pioneers of digital art.
You can reach out to me on Twitter.

General mint information

  • Price: 8 ADA

  • Minting through the multi-sig engine created by Mars Birds

  • The mint engine is currently not mobile-friendly! Only mint from a PC with the browser extension installed

  • No wallet limit

  • One NFT per transaction

  • Use a wallet like Eternl, Nami, Gero, Typhon, Flint, etc, that allows you to sign multi-sig transactions

  • Do not refresh the webpage until the transaction is successful, and you have received your NFT in your wallet!

  • WL for holders of Abstractum or Mars Birds tokens (these have to be in the wallet you sign the transaction with)

  • Fully on-chain Art so you don't have to rely on external storage sysems

  • If a problem persists, please open a ticket in the MarsBirds discord

Benefits and future plans

Pixel Frenz does not end at minting. I have plans to bring you a lot of utilities -- all depending on the time I will have on my hands and how you build the community behind this project.
Such benefits can be (I have some plans that may be changed along the road):

  • A high-resolution download of your Fren

  • Progress animation of your Fren to download

  • Airdropping these two above to holders

  • Collaboration with other on-chain projects (like The Refresh)

  • Airdrop/WL opportunities for future projects (as I have a lot of ideas)

  • $FRENZ as fungible token you can get for holding on to your Frenz

  • More FRENZy stuff